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Oleh Tigis on 22 Jan 2011

Bubble Ball is okay, but its popularity seems spurred more by its maker than its contents.
Bubble Ball is another move-the-ball-to-the-goal physics game. Shapes can also be rotated to help guide the ball past the goal. Bubble Ball is presented very simply, with plain white backgrounds and monochromatic shapes. The most exciting graphical option available is to change the color of your ball. The sound is non-existent, with the exception of a sound effect for the ball bouncing and a loud horn flourish when the ball passes the finish line.

But Bubble Ball has a lot of weird little quirks and annoyances. The physics in Bubble Ball are also uneven. The lack of sound hurts Bubble Ball more than you would think. Without any background music or the ability to keep your own collection playing, sessions of Bubble Ball lasting longer than five minutes tend to feel a bit bleak.
The main victory Bubble Ball scores is demonstrating how open modern game development really is. That a child can create, submit and market an app speaks volumes to the depth that iPhone development has reached. We’ve seen huge, big-budget titles like Infinity Blade push the boundaries of mobile platform gaming. (Unfortunately, someone should have told young Master Nay that 2,000,000 times zero dollars is still zero dollars.)
What Bubble Ball represents, though, is much more than that. And for that, if you’re reading this review, Robert, you should be proud.

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